How To Sell Affiliate Network

Each referred user will be bringing you the commissions as long as they keep their subscription active. CPA Prosperity is the premier affiliate network focusing on bringing quality publishers and advertisers together. There is a website called Affiliate Tracking Network that has a lot of information on Affiliate Tracking Networks. This way, you become not only the connector but also an advisor whose words are followed carefully and who is known for passing on useful up-to-date information. Merchants aren’t stupid. When this happens, they will either cut the payout, or more likely pull the offer and work only with a small group of trusted affiliates who have demonstrated they can deliver quality leads. If your chosen merchant doesn’t meet the criteria, then pass and move onto another who does. If a merchant offers something a buyer can easily get elsewhere, then you’ll be exposed to a great deal of competition.

To get around this problem, beef up the value of your page and/or site to the user. Contact information: Pages that provide contact information, especially physical addresses and phone numbers, offer added value. Product reviews: Pages that provide original reviews offer added value. For example, you could offer side-by-side product reviews. Coupon, discount, and promotion codes: Affiliate pages that provide coupon, promotion, or discount codes for the consumer offer added value. Google doesn’t want identical, low value PPC pages and will punish them. Google employs teams of quality raters. The Google quality raters follow guidelines provided by Google. Obviously, it pays to have a site that Google favors. These types of sites typically replicate the catalog of the merchant site. Of particular interest to affiliates is Google’s stated dislike of thin affiliate sites. Google regards these sites as spam. You can sign up at major affiliate networks, such as Google Affiliate Network, PepperJam and Commission Junction.

Microsoft Ad Intelligence. Google Adwords provide seasonal trends. You may hear stories about how the market was back in, say, 1999, or 2003, or 2005. Low hanging fruit was everywhere, and the Adwords system -introduced in 2000 and heavily revised in 2002- didn’t have a lot of the complexity and bid competition wasn’t what it is now. While you may be able to rank for some low volume terms without them, the most profitable ones always need links. One of the biggest problems with affiliate marketing is the low barrier to entry. The difficulty creates a barrier to your competition, too. The winners overcome that barrier to reach the other side. With over 1 billion active users on Instagram, running an affiliate program and partnering with influencers could help you reach a huge and highly profitable audience. A lot of those small business owners aren’t going to want to add another zero onto the price they’re paying but you can add a new target audience of bigger businesses to your strategy and make them the focal point of your new content. This is because trusted recommendations are much more likely to convert into sales, and the commission payment on a cost per acquisition model is usually between 10-25% of the final sale price.

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