Eight Key Tactics The Pros Use For Affiliate Website

This article will take you through all the top WooCommerce affiliate plugins so that you can pick one for your online store. Similarly, if you don’t showcase your products in your eCommerce store with a constant look and feel, the customers will perceive an insincere brand image of yours. Graphs & Charts – It is a great tool by WC Affiliate to showcase your information. But with great opportunity comes responsibility (just ask Mark Zuckerberg) so please be mindful when sharing your affiliate links on Facebook and across your various channels. The third tenet of using Amazon affiliate links among your social media channels is to ensure you list where you plan on using your links. Go to Account Settings then “Edit Your Website And Mobile App List” to include all of your social media channels, as well as your websites/blogs. For social media user-generated content, it must be associated with your account. While the Amazon affiliate program can provide a great way to get insight into the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns by using different tracking IDs per campaign, placement and/or call to action, this process is not permitted with paid ads on social media. I have had a great experience with Commission Junction over the past 8 years and no issues with getting paid.

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Be controllable to provide a dynamic browsing experience to the website visitors. The amount of traffic needed to have a successful site will depend upon the price of the products you’re promoting and what rate your site converts visitors to buyers. Get more website visitors to promote you. To get started navigate to the tool, and create an account if you haven’t already. The payouts are transferred every month through Paypal account. As a result, Amazon’s affiliate program makes the requirement that you only post links when “You are the sole moderator of the account that you plan to post to” (source). This plugin allows you to easily create Amazon affiliate links from within your WordPress post editor. I was hesitant to include this site as an example, as it’s a bit of a different take on an Amazon affiliate site. For example, if your passion is underwater basket weaving, there probably isn’t a large enough market supporting that to generate income via selling affiliate products (I could be wrong). You’d hate to choose a niche only to find out later that the competition is too stiff, or there isn’t enough traffic to sustain your website. Once you’ve done all the heavy lifting of niche selection, keyword research, and competition analysis, then you can finally start building your site. This post was written by GSA Content Generator DEMO.

Your Amazon affiliate site is only as good as your content. You should spend a lot of time on these posts, as they are essentially acting as a piece of sales copy to convince your visitor to head over to Amazon. There isn’t a specific amount of time that it takes to build those sites or promote that content, and the way that the process is handled will vary. There are some very high ticket items you can sell that’ll still provide you with a decent amount of revenue per sale. Also, when there is no commission involved, it means that you will have to find other ways to promote their products. There are many banner sizes. If you’re setting up WooCommerce External Products or WooCommerce Affiliate Products you’ll be entering product descriptions and trying to rank for what would be referred to as “eCommerce Keywords” which are high buyer intent – but also typically quite high competition and difficulty to rank for in Google. For the keyword research phase we’re going to use the Google Keyword Planner. To install your new theme navigate to your dashboard, by going to “yourdomain.com/wp-admin”. From here you can upload the theme files that came with your purchase.

REHub is a multi-purpose theme that can be easily used to create a beautiful affiliate website. With all of the basic settings set up, your affiliate program is ready to go. Set conditional commission plans. For instance, when you edit an affiliate, the plugin will provide you with new fields to control the commission for that affiliate. Even if you know nothing about SEO this plugin has everything you need to get started. All that hard work for nothing. Amazon employs an intense review process to ensure compliance within its affiliate program and in order for that process to work it’s important that your links are posted somewhere public and widely accessible. WP Review adds another layer of depth to your review posts. Aside from just creating review content it can be beneficial to publish helpful posts that exist only to serve your target market. If Amazon’s compliance team can’t access your link to review them then you’ll likely be getting one of those dreaded emails asking about “your referring traffic”. Share it in a newsletter or as a YouTube video review with your affiliate links underneath. Building a successful Amazon affiliate site does take a lot of work. You’ll finally get paid for the outstanding work you do!

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